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Maple Grove Cemetery

Cemetery Pricing

Burials: $450.00

Cremations: $250.00 with or without service, weekdays or weekends

Price per grave:
Resident and/or taxpayer:­ $200.00
Non-resident:­ $400.00

Winter Burials are at the discretion of the sexton.
There will be no graveside services at winter burials.

Single (4’) 18x48x4 – $150.00
Double (8’) 18x96x4 – $300.00
4 graves (16’) 18x192x4 – $450.00
Veterans only 18x30x4 – $97.20
Pricing for different size is .18/square inch
For questions, to purchase a lot, or to schedule a foundation or burial, please contact Kathy at (989) 539-7145 x202 or

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Cemetery Rules and Information for New Deed Owners

John Phelps is the Sexton for Maple Grove Cemetery.